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Paul Newman, we’ll miss you…

One of my favorite actors died Saturday, September 27, 2008. He was an amazing actor, race car driver and humanitarian and never let his fame go to his head.

Read and see more:

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Southern tour part 1: Austin

We hit 7 cities in May and June: Austin, Oklahoma City, Little Rock, Oxford (MS), Athens, Atlanta, Huntsville.

We decided to show in Austin on Friday, May 23rd to coincide with Toad and Salmon’s Chili Bowl contest, which was scheduled there on Saturday, May 24th. A bunch of SF and Grass Valley folks were heading down there for the weekend to join forces with the Austin locals-can you say “party-time”?

All around awesome guy Dave Wattigny set up the show at the Broken Neck, a warehouse with a fun ramp that hosts rock and roll shows. It was the perfect spot.

He set us up a VIP table with the appropriate beer.


post show: Wattigny-Broken Neck ramp jam.


Austin’s got lots of backyard pools, ramps and ditches…

Austin summers are super hot so friends with pools are a godsend.

Justin Visser, Ben Rainey(Chili Cookoff-Best Chili), Justin Strubing…

Collinson chilling

one of many backyard ramps Austin has to offer.

and ditches

Gordon Eckler

Tyler Mumma

Lee Brooks-I remember an awesome story he shot for Slap about people skating an abandoned water park in the South…

Adam Young

lots of little dogs…

and beards….Jeremy Jenkins of Roller and Andreas

Michael and Allison Sieben let Andreas, Mariah and I all stay at their house for 5 days. They were amazing hosts. ***************************************************************

It was so hot on the day of the Chili Bowl contest that we decided to go swimming with friends, missed the contest and got there during the awards presentation. We suck. Check out Schmitty’s Chili Bowl blog at epiclytrife.com.

Adam, Hustle Jamie and Kevin Trahan.

Simon and Elias Bingham own No Comply skateshop with Jake Nunn.

Collinson got a nice burn.

Dave Clark moved to Austin from SF.


The Chili Bowl afterparty was out of control. Here, Andreas and Sieben contemplate dancing.

Gordon Eckler and Salmon, or Coach, or Emile Janicott… most of SF and Grass Valley were in Austin for the weekend.

Wattigny representing.

Tracy has a part in “Fixed-Push”

Claudia getting down.

Toad and Country with Schmitty and his lady.

Elias had to save Andreas from spending the night in jail for frolicking in the streets-riot cops were lined up on the street ready to take drunks away.

The heightened police presence didn’t stop these guys…

Jamie Hustle trying to get some peace and quiet, only to be slapped in the belly by some jerk…

late night pool party

same pool-different day

Andreas went back to SF for a couple of days, so Mariah and I went to a fair with the Siebens.

I almost got sick on this one…

My girlfriend Mariah went to Austin and Oklahoma City with me-you should read her account of the trip.

photos by David Franklin and Andreas Trolf

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